Children International's child sponsorship program is designed to impact every phase of a child's life. By sponsoring a child, you provide one impoverished child with a wide range of critical benefits, access to educational support, the encouragement and care of our staff and much, much more.

Child sponsorship offers health care for children in need

How Sponsorship Helps Children in Need

Our basic benefits help relieve the daily struggles of child poverty and guide poor children toward happier, more productive futures. They include:


Donor reading letter from a sponsored child

Sponsorship won’t only change your child’s life – it will change yours, too. Here are just a few of the things you get when you sponsor a child:

  • At least two letters a year from your sponsored child; many letters will contain pictures drawn by your child

  • An annual child photo and progress report so you can track your child’s development

  • A letter from your child’s agency director, plus an annual newsletter about the people and programs in your child’s area

  • Journeys magazine, full of stories about sponsorship’s impact on families in poverty

  • A personalized “My Account,” where you can see photos of your child, learn more about his or her community, write letters, help him or her celebrate special occasions and much more

  • The chance to make a friend for life by helping one child escape poverty!

Sponsor Perspective

“I feel that I’m part of a wonderful international family now. The CI staff has been so welcoming and kind. This was one of the best decisions ever!" -Pam Hughes

“I read up on Children International before I became a sponsor; so I knew that their children are taken care of – but I didn't realize it was to such a great extent! I am glad to see my sponsorship being used efficiently and effectively.” -Dr. Jeffery Meixner

“Children International does amazing work helping children, and I’m very happy to be part of it.” -Maria Guido

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