One of the greatest obstacles poor children face is a lack of basic financial and social knowledge. Parents who’ve never learned about these things are unable to pass them on to their children.

Aflatoun seeks to change that with an international program that teaches kids financial and social skills that will aid them for the rest of their lives. Children International partnered with Aflatoun in 2009 to offer the program to sponsored children and youth. By 2012, every international CI agency included Aflatoun among the educational activities available to sponsored children and youth.

How It Works

Aflatoun teaches basic social and financial lessons through:

  • Child-friendly activities
  • Educational games
  • Interactive workshops.

Participants learn important lessons about finances and resource management, such as how to manage a savings account and create and stick to a budget. Older children learn about advanced financial products through a part of the program specifically created for youth.

Beyond the financial lessons it imparts, the Aflatoun curriculum is designed to:

  • Teach children about their personal rights and the responsibilities that go with them

  • Foster social awareness in participants through community-improvement activities and workshops

  • Encourage personal growth and self-confidence in youth so they become positively engaged in improving their futures and their communities.


In April 2012, Carmen, a young sponsored girl from Ecuador, flew to Amsterdam to participate in the Child and Youth Finance International (CYFI) Awards. Carmen’s enthusiasm about the Aflatoun program helped her earn the only award granted to an individual at the event: the CYFI Youth Champion Award. The glass trophy occupies a place of pride in the CI-Guayaquil community center where Carmen began her Aflatoun adventure.