Gracias por transformar vidas

Nuestra dedicación a ayudar a los niños a ser saludables, educados, empoderados y empleados es más grande que nunca.

Le damos las gracias por su apoyo. Por favor dedique un momento a ver este video que muestra lo que hemos logrado juntos.

Susana Eshleman

Gracias a usted, este año nos fue posible lograr lo siguiente:

Usamos sus contribuciones responsablemente

Seguimos operando de manera eficaz y eficiente. De hecho, el 90 por ciento de nuestros gastos serán usados para posibilitar la labor transformativa que usted hace posible a nivel mundial.

Recibimos evaluaciones excelentes de entidades evaluadoras del sector no lucrativo
logotipo de Charity watch mejor valorado

CharityWatch nos otorgó una calificación de A por primer vez

Children International is recognized as a top-rated charity by Great Non-Profits.

GreatNonprofits nos nombró una organización humanitaria de máxima categoría en 2017

GuideStar Platinum Seal of Transparency 2017

Guidestar nos dio su calificación platina, la más alta de todas

Gracias por apoyar a Children International.

Desde hoy hasta el 31 de diciembre, su donativo deducible de impuestos será igualado hasta una cantidad máxima de US$250 mil, lo que le permitirá doblar el impacto de su donativo.

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dic 21, 2017

I want to thank Susana Eshleman for sharing her thoughts. Wishing all of you happiness and peace for this Holiday Seasons.

dic 21, 2017

Wish this had closed captions for those of us that are hearing impaired. I'm sure it was a nice message however.

dic 21, 2017

I was told by my last letter from Olga in Guatemala that she had had to quit school because of financial problems I know that she's 18 right now and I know that she still still sponsored through 19 and I had talked to her about the hope Scholarship but she's never mentioned anything about it. I have left a message talk to someone there I'll get is in Guatemala like I said and I still have not heard back I'm going to try to call this week I've been sick and haven't been able to get in touch with anybody so I will call sometime this week thank you Susan for everything that you have said this was wonderful. You have a very blessed Christmas and a very blessed happy New Year and thank you for all the work that you guys do at Children's International Karen Wagner from Martinsville Indiana I emailed is KJ Wagner 46 at

dic 21, 2017

I was recently scammed and lost my end Tire life savings that's why I haven't been able to send her money for graduation and for her College like I had planned on doing. So I have been really upset about that cuz I wanted to do more for her than I have been able too.

dic 21, 2017

Massive thank you to Susana and everybody that's connected to this great charity. To all those that have helped to changed kids lives for the better you're all amazing in the eyes of those you help and those around you, keep it up and have a fantastic and generous 2018.

dic 24, 2017

You will let us know about our children in the Philippines and the effects of the storm that has done so much damage to the country?

ene 2, 2018

Giuseppa37 and Adam_12c3f - thank you both so very much for the kind words and well wishes! We hope you had wonderful holidays and a happy new year!
Torreysmom - there is a closed caption option if you click play then put your mouse over the video. I hope you're able to find it!
karenjoyce - thank you for encouraging Olga to apply for the Hope Scholarship. Please reach out to the Care Team via 1-800-888-3089, live chat or email so we can discuss more options with you. Hopefully, together we can help Olga finish her schooling.
cfrobison- we have been lucky! We are happy to say all our children, families, and staff have not been affected by the recent storms.
-Ramfam, Care Team Ambassador

ene 3, 2018

Thank you Susan for keeping us updated with Children International information and for helping these kids to have a better way of life.....good job!

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