Empoderamiento para afrontar la vida

Cuando usted coloca en las manos de los niños el poder que existe dentro de su propio corazón, produce grandes líderes.

Sea la fuerza impulsora


mar 8, 2018

Me da mucho gusto qie sea posible ayudar a esos niños.

mar 8, 2018

I'm proud to be a part of this!

mar 9, 2018

This video made my day - Thank you!

mar 9, 2018

Your organization and leadership is a meaningful gift to the children... They are fortunate for your sincere effort to help improve their lives from poverty to growth... wonderful video! /Ann, sponsor

mar 10, 2018

this is a great program

mar 11, 2018

I'm so proud of part of this CI....!!!

mar 13, 2018

So happy to be a part of this and to see these confident children!

jun 18, 2018

Hello I also was so proud to be a part of this CI,
I have been sponsoring for over 30 years.
I also visited Quito in March to see my sponsored children, One is no longer in the program and one is still in the program. I did not book anything with children International because I wanted to surprise my kids. I saw exactly what actually goes to the children that we sponsor and it is not much at all. A gift for Christmas (candy) and a birthday gift (pants) is all they get per year. Your child gets exactly the same things as all the other children in this program. The only extras they get for being "sponsored" is the extra money we send and only if it's over $100. gift and at that they do not get all of the money because they take money for their service fees.
As a result of my visit to Ecuador my child was taken off the program because I made an unannounced visit and did not notify the agency. I spent a lot of time with my sponsored family I had a feeling this is how it worked because these children are "coached" on what they can say to their sponsors on our visits.
I have been sponsoring for over 30 years and was upset at the actual help these children get from this agency. My child also does not have a roof and it would be less expensive to send money directly to them for the past 30 years then this agency. These people are so poor its upsetting.
Sorry for bursting your bubble but this needs to get out. I also believed in this agency but no longer. I encourage everyone to go see your child if you can.
Thank you,

ago 24, 2018

These children have so little themselves but don't think twice about donating what they do have. So inspiring! Proud to be a sponsor.

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