Una lección sobre la gratitud

A pesar de que esta crisis continúa representando un riesgo cotidiano para las personas, los niños siguen sintiéndose agradecidos de contar con el apoyo de sus padrinos y madrinas, quienes les ayudan a permanecer sanos y salvos.

Comparta las maneras en que usted cultiva gratitud en estos tiempos difíciles en la sección de comentarios abajo, y nosotros compartiremos el mensaje con las familias para motivarlas.


ago 13, 2020

The comments in the video tough me greatly. I think that it mainly goes without saying that our sponsees are grateful. It's just inherent in them it seems to appreciate any & every good that comes their way. For us sponsors to have the opportunity to add to their lives is the best gift of all.

ago 13, 2020

God is watching for every good we do on behalf of these, his angels. We must be like these children in order to reach heaven. How can we be comfortable when many people suffer so much. The time is now! Let's share for grace the blessings we have received by the grace of the Lord! God bless you all!

ago 13, 2020

We recently lost power due to a storm in the northeast, USA. While many were disheartened and angry to have their lives "upended" for a few days, I was reminded of the resiliency of so many in the world who live without power and much, much, more for most or all of their days. Which is why I sponsor. I am humbled by the grace that our kids exhibit in the face of poverty and anything I can do to life their spirits, as they lift mine, is a blessing.

ago 15, 2020

Thanks for the reminder that life is about the little things--a smile, a hug, a laugh, a tear if needed--and children who are cared for know this better than adults.

ago 16, 2020

I am thankful that I am able to do something to help someone during this global difficulty.

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