Vice President of Global Finance

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Reports to: COO
About Children International

Founded 85 years ago in Kansas City, Children International today operates in 10 countries around the world and is a leading $100 million nonprofit humanitarian organization with a mission to eradicate poverty.

If you are an exceptional and experienced business leader ready to make a difference, multiply good in the world and help change the course of history, we want to meet you.

As Vice President of Global Finance, you report to the COO in our Kansas City international headquarters office and are a sought-after thought partner to our Fundraising and Global Programs teams. You play a critical role in the development and implementation of strategies and processes that help achieve ambitious, tangible results. Your skill at engaging other leaders and teams in big thinking and bringing rigorous discipline to financial decision-making will contribute to improved organizational performance around the world.

Our vision and mission

At CI, we believe the way to end poverty begins with children. Without help, children in poverty become adults in poverty. Our vision is to bring people together to end generational poverty through programs focused on health, education, empowerment through life skills and, ultimately, employment. A unique, long-term, customized approach, this allows us to stay with our children for the first two decades of their lives. We’re in it for the long haul because we know that the 200,000 children we support around the world deserve a fighting chance.

We are an adaptable organization looking for an adaptable leader

As Vice President of Global Finance, you join a team of mission-driven employees and volunteers in an organization known for evolving and transforming to meet the needs of the children and families we serve. As we adapt to provide a wider range of more impactful programs, we are also diversifying our fundraising from a primarily one-to-one sponsorship model to an approach designed to generate additional funding. As the new global financial leader, you help hone financial practices around the world, and in doing so, support our teams in delivering greater impact.

Are you collaborative, influential and known for your integrity?

A skilled collaborator, you build trusting relationships and are able to influence key internal and external partners. You are responsible for financial strategic planning, financial analysis, budgeting and reporting, risk management, investment portfolio management, currency exchange management and internal auditing. Your leadership, drive, financial expertise and partnership-building skills take our financial planning and analysis practices to new heights. As an extraordinary thought leader, people leader and a savvy businessperson, you are a passionate advocate for children and an ethical owner of our cause.

Are you a visionary ready to make the world a better place?

As Vice President of Global Finance, you are critical to the future of Children International and ready to step up to a rewarding challenge. Your greatest intrinsic reward will be in the eyes of the youth who graduate from our program, equipped and empowered to be positive agents of change in their communities.

What will you be responsible for?


  • Contribute to the development of the strategic goals and objectives and provide structure that supports execution. Proactively assess financial performance and identify future considerations or strategies to engage leadership and the Board of Directors in long range planning and direction setting.
  • Provide financial leadership to the processes of integrated strategic planning, forecasting, management of multi-year financial plans, revenue modeling, budgeting, resource allocation, cost-benefit analysis and financial reporting.
  • Provide global guidance on complex issues including but not limited to currency strategy, treasury management, investment portfolio management, risk management, international fund transfers, cash management and global accounting practices.
  • Build external relationships with auditors, financial institutions, not-for-profit evaluators, legal firms and government agencies to ensure we are best practice in our financial foresight and processes.
  • Create and manage all aspects of the Board designated endowment including fund investment options and plans to operationalize for greater organizational benefit.

Financial Operations and Administration

  • Ensure an effective annual budget process.
  • Oversight of the annual audit process. Ensure an appropriate system of policies, internal controls, accounting standards, and work procedures is in place and functioning well, limits risk and aligns with audit partner recommendations.
  • Provide leadership oversight for general administrative and operational accounting services such as payroll, retirement plans, fund flow management, accounts payable, state registrations, contract management, and purchasing.
  • Ensure a global purchasing strategy is in place with people, process, and technology that delivers optimal overall value for CI.
  • Ensure appropriate communications of financial results and analysis, insights, and perspectives of the organization’s financial performance to the Executive Team, and the Board.
  • Create and support implementation of financial strategies to increase agency partners’ capacities to drive overall impact while balancing the need for reporting, standardization and risks.
  • Provide oversight and effective strategy for the investigation of any allegations of financial impropriety, and/or internal control breakdowns and recommend actions to remediate.
  • Partner with IT to ensure the investment in tools and data is supporting the appropriate business outcomes while providing acceptable controls and risk management. Team Development
  • Promote a culture of high performance and continuous improvement that values learning and a commitment to quality.
  • Continue evolving the global Finance team from an accounting and reporting function to a valued global strategic partner to maximize our impact.
  • Proactively manage staff development and succession planning that provide for individual growth and effective business continuity.


  • Ensure compliance to all federal, state and local laws, and donor or grant requirements. Serve as the senior leader linkage to the Board Finance & Audit and Risk Management Committee.
  • Oversee overall coordination of legal services across the global organization.
  • Ensure all legal entities managed by Children International remain compliant with the appropriate authorities and are operated consistent with an overall legal entity strategy that minimizes risk while providing flexibility to deliver on the mission.
  • Create strategy and execution plans for an appropriately sized internal audit process for CI with regional and country agencies that balances risk and financial considerations.
  • Partner with global leadership in the execution of a risk management framework that allows the business to thrive while proactively managing risks.
Does this describe you? If so, let’s meet soon.
  • Intelligent, visionary, inspiring, humble, high-integrity leader.
  • Problem solver with strong business and strategic acumen and organizational insight ability.
  • Passion for children and youth and making a difference in the world.
  • MBA or CPA required.
  • Experience with INGO financially related processes such as gifting methods and recognition, foreign exchange and transfer methodologies, Asia/Latin Am financial compliance, global internal audit, real estate and other global risk management, endowment management and grant management.
  • Bilingual Spanish/English (preferred).
  • Excellent interpersonal and communication skills.
  • Ability to role model and inspire communication and collaboration as well as to build effective relationships across the organization and with external partners.
  • Experience streamlining and refining financial processes in global operations. Ability to create tools and processes to increase efficiencies, improve data integrity and strengthen auditable work practices worldwide.
  • Strong knowledge of business processes in strategic planning, financial modeling, budgeting, financial reporting, cost benefit analysis, financial portfolio management, currency exchange, global funds transfers, cost accounting and risk management. Ability to tie metrics and data to leading and lagging indicators of overall financial health of the organization and develop strategies to improve.
  • Experience partnering with external legal services for regulatory compliance and risk management a plus.
  • Significant experience in developing, engaging and coaching teams across an organization.
  • 10 years of senior management experience in a senior finance role working with a budget of $100 million at a minimum, experience in a global operation a plus.
  • Relentlessly results-oriented with demonstrated ability to achieve strategic objectives.
  • Strictly observe confidentiality and strong ethics with respect to all beneficiary information/financial and other organizational data.
  • Comply with and ensure adherence to the agency’s policies, safety and security protocols and child safeguarding norms and guidelines by self as well all stakeholders both internal and external.
  • Promote diversity and inclusion, value other cultures, and demonstrate respect while relating with all organizational constituents irrespective of their race, color, faiths, gender, sexual orientation, age, caste, disabilities, experiences, beliefs and ethnicity.

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