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Reports to: Regional Director Philippines
About Children International

Children International is a nonprofit humanitarian organization working to eradicate poverty around the world. At CI, we believe that ending poverty starts with children. Without help, children in poverty become adults in poverty. Our vision is to bring people together to put an end to that through programs focused on health, education, empowerment through life skills and, ultimately, employment. Ours is a unique, long-term, customized approach that allows us to stay with our children for the first two decades of their lives. We’re in it for the long haul because we know that the 200,000 children we support in 10 countries around the world deserve a fighting chance.

Children International’s work is made possible by generous and caring sponsors, donors, corporations, more than 9,000 dedicated volunteers and approximately 1,600 employees. To ensure our programs give children the best possible chance of breaking the poverty cycle, we are elevating our practices for growing our people talent worldwide. That’s where you come in.

Position summary

The Agency Director role represents the highest leadership position at each of our country locations around the world. This inspirational leader will guide the CI team in Bicol-Philippines to fulfill our vision: “Bringing people together to end poverty for good.” The Agency Director is employed by CHILDREN, a locally registered organization with offices and operations in Bicol-Philippines. CHILDREN is an affiliate of Children International, a global development organization based in Kansas City, USA.

This position reports to the Regional Director and is responsible for leading the Agency to achieve established child and youth impact results. The leader will accomplish this by defining and executing the Agency’s strategy, overseeing the implementation of our Program Results Framework and building operational excellence.

As a progressive and innovative leader, you will strive to create a high-performance, values-driven culture. You will model CI’s values, promote staff development and advocate for accountability and collaboration among our employees and volunteers. You will be responsible for ensuring operational effectiveness and adherence to internal controls and child protection policies to preserve the ongoing integrity of our operations. You will champion experimentation and problem solving, build strong partnerships and encourage continuous improvement with key stakeholders (children, families, volunteers and other community organizations) to give our children and youth the greatest opportunity for success.

We are looking for a passionate advocate for children, a leader who thrives on unleashing others’ potential. Top candidates will be exemplary leaders with a superb operations acumen and a good understanding of child and community development and sustainability.

This position is critical to the future of Children International. It promises to be challenging, but you’ll see the rewards of the work in the eyes of the youth who graduate from our programs and in the gratitude of employees who have grown and developed under your leadership to make it happen. If you heart is beating a little faster at this point, you could be the person we are looking for.


  • Lead successful strategic planning and execution around the Program Results Framework focused on the areas of greatest need for the agency. Align the staff and activities to support this endeavor.
  • Oversee daily operations of the agency, ensuring performance and productivity.
  • Build a high-performance, values-based culture in partnership with the leadership team.
  • Proactively lead change within a complex, ever-changing work environment.
  • Actively identify, analyze and improve existing business processes to improve services to the beneficiaries.
  • Develop and empower a learning culture that addresses Agency challenges and solves problems.
  • Ensure Agency financial stewardship, key performance metrics, child impact results and outcomes.
  • Partner with other Agencies to share best practices, learnings and other approaches to stakeholder engagement.
  • Develop the skill level of Agency staff members for current and new roles.
  • Prepare strategic and financial plans; coach the agency in delivering results.
  • Participate regularly in key stakeholder activities carried out in the community centers and elsewhere to observe, build alliances, engage and solicit feedback.
  • Drive growth of the Agency in the areas of constituent base, programs, partners and budget outlay.
  • Ensure compliance with Child Protection protocol and policies.
  • Ensure adherence to all statutes, CI policies and local laws. This includes key financial controls, auditing, purchasing and the segregation of duties.
  • Coordinate meetings with the Board of Directors in accordance with policies established in the Articles of Incorporation and CI guidelines; maintain minutes and statutory records.
  • Champion the CI vision, values and framework. Provide encouragement to all in aligning individual contributions with who we are, what we believe in and our strategic plan.
  • Communicate strategy and results to the Agency’s employees.
  • Report key results to regional and corporate officers.
  • Engage with regional and corporate officers in broader organizational strategic planning.
  • Build strong relations and networking with colleagues in headquarters and other Agencies.
  • Network and build alliances with external partners, government and other NGOs.
  • A Bachelor’s degree, advanced degree preferred, with a minimum of 7 years of relevant management and operations experience. Experience with other NGOs is a plus.
  • A proven track record in managing funds, multi-disciplinary teams, information systems, external agencies and working with a Board of Directors.
  • A passion for children and youth; a commitment to making a difference in the world.
  • Comfort working in multiple environments from our community center, to the neighborhoods where our children and youth live, to the Board Room.
  • Exceptional leadership capabilities with the ability to inspire, influence, develop and empower diverse teams.
  • An ability to critically and strategically adapt to address an ever-changing work environment.
  • Exhibit the highest standards of honesty and integrity reflective of a leader within an outstanding organization.
  • Excellent interpersonal, relational and communication skills, with a history of inspiring collaboration across various functions.
  • Results-oriented with demonstrated ability to execute strategic objectives.
  • Demonstrated ability to achieve outcomes within established resources and work effectively in a flat organization.
  • Promotes diversity, values other cultures and demonstrates respect for a wide range of faiths, beliefs, experiences and ethnically diverse populations.
  • Ability to project and maintain a calm work atmosphere while concurrently operating in a time and deadline intensive, customer-driven environment.
  • Embrace and foster a positive outlook toward change.
  • Fluency in spoken English and advanced writing skills.
  • High level of proficiency in Microsoft Word, Excel and Outlook.

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