La tecnología: una necesidad para las familias de escasos recursos

los teléfonos móviles, planes de datos son esenciales para las familias de escasos recursos.

En Lusaka, Darius y su familia trabajan afanosamente para llegar a fin de mes. Sin embargo, satisfacer sus necesidades diarias puede ser resultar difícil. Conozca cómo los dispositivos tecnológicos como los teléfonos móviles y las computadoras son difíciles de costear pero esenciales para superar la pobreza.

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Rob & Anita_5b7c1
mar 8, 2022

Thank you for letting me know how difficult it can be for children in these circumstances to have even basic access to the learning tools they need. I wish this access could be made more affordable for all, though I am glad our sponsorship can be helpful in this area.

mar 8, 2022

Thanks for sharing, I pray that this children of God get a better system for their cellphones.

mar 8, 2022

Likely children in these situations will be at a disadvantage for their entire educational experiences in schools and, thus, likely thereafter also.
Somehow, someway, a GIANT push needs to occur to bring them closer to world levels of competition and achievement.

mar 8, 2022

We have it so easy here in America. We take so much for granted. Children International kids will grow up with a much stronger sense of gratitude.

mar 9, 2022

I was very moved by the story. I have written CI about the possibility of me providing phones for my two sponsored children

mar 9, 2022

It was such a heartfelt and at the same time heartbreaking situation that children and families have these struggles. I am glad that Children International is around to help some of these people and am proud to be a sponsor.

mar 9, 2022

Eye-opening video. I was hoping that a member of CI would have come on at the end to explain some possible solutions that we as sponsors can do to help the children. Can a technology campaign be initiated?

mar 9, 2022

Thank you for sharing Darius is heartfelt and I hope that he gets help soon!

We live in a technology world and if you do not have the necessary equipment, it can be difficult. Children International is doing a great job! I pray God send the help CI needs to continue helping the children.

I have been a sponsor a many years helping in whatever way I can and with the help of God, I will continue to do so. God bless you all.

mar 15, 2022

Could Children International do something talking with authorities of the countries where they are working in order to get help and offer telephones to these families????? I hope so, it will be wonderful. Thank you.

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