¡Feliz Aniversario!



No hay palabras para describir lo importante que es usted en la vida de su niño apadrinado. Sin embargo, nuestros niños y personal le tienen un mensaje. Por favor disfrute este video explicando las maneras en que usted hace una diferencia por medio de su apadrinamiento. ¡Sabemos que su niño siente la misma gratitud que estos niños sienten hacia sus padrinos!

¿Cuál es su parte favorita de apadrinar un niño? ¡Haga un comentario!


jun 14, 2019

Felicidades a todos/as por la gran labor que realizan en Children International. Me agrada ver y escuchar la sonrisa de los ahijados porque dan luz de esperanza. Yo me siento feliz por ser parte de esta historia. Abrazos :D

jul 14, 2019

The best part of being a sponser is knowing that. with help, they can all have a better life!! Good health and education will give these beautiful children a chance to go after their dreams and experience success. When I see these smiling loving faces, I melt. I am so happy to assist this wonderful organization. Thank YOU!! Mia

jul 25, 2019

The real work is done by the staff and I am grateful to them for the zeal and effort they put into helping these chiildren! I appreciate your celebrating my "anniversary" because I had lost track of how long I had done this - and I realize now how real my commitment is.

jul 26, 2019

Wow good day everyone! Wow I really enjoyed watching the video I must say was very amazing & the hard work put in God bless u all. I really hv lost track abt u all at children intl been very pre_occupied with my work but I do.pray for u all & my little girl Nayeli I hope u are doing well. I also was not keeping well busy visiting doctors & many other activities with fly but I know u all are praying for me & my fly thank you very very much will keep.in touch & yes thsnks once again for celebrating me was very kind of u all keep up the spirit & wish u all the best luv you all. Marina & fly.

oct 1, 2019

Para mi es un placer enorme contribuir un poco en la vida de un niño que no tiene las facilidades que mi familia y yo tenemos, tengo más de un año de apadrinar a mi querido Fred no lo conozco personalmente pero lo quiero muchísimo y espero un día viajar a conocerlo en persona

ene 2, 2020

Sometimes life gets in the way of keeping up, but this is one of the important things in my life. Watching each sponsored child grow from very young to young adult and seeing their progress is a great reminder that one person can make a difference. I had the joy of meeting one of my sponsored children, and to this day regret that they dropped out of the program and that we lost contact. I hope and pray that they know in their heart that I still care. My current child in now a teen and it is such a joy to see the motivation she has to excel and have a career, not just a job. I anxiously await each message from and about her. Thank you for reminding me that I can make a difference. Karen

ene 3, 2020

Thank you and your welcome . I was not expecting this cute little video . It was a welcome surprise for all my years of sponsorship . I loved seeing how i make a difference .

ene 30, 2020

Thank you so much for this! It brought tears to my eyes. The best part of sponsoring children is receiving their photos and letters every so often, and seeing directly what an impact such a small (to us) sacrifice can have on wonderful children far away from me. Love you guys at Children.org, keep up the amazing work!

ene 30, 2020

Muy conmovida por esto. Me siento honrada de ser parte de la familia de Children International. Significa mucho para mi poder contribuir al futuro de nuestra juventud. Reciban todos mi amor y agradecimiento. Ana

ene 31, 2020

Mi parte favorita es ver a los niños sonreir y el saber que estan estudiando para un mejor futuro.. bendiciones..

mar 10, 2020

It is my privilege and honor to be able to help these deserving children. So much cruelty and injustices in the world today. If I can play even a small part to bring some happiness and joy into their lives that is reward enough!

abr 2, 2020

I work for US Customs and Border Patrol. it was so disheartening to be on my side of the badge seeing smugglers using young children from South America, The Caribbean, and Central America to smuggle contraband. After arresting a young child who had swallowed Cocaine pellets, I decided to "adopt" teen-aged boys in Colombia to give them a chance at something better than gangs and abuse by criminals. So far, three of "my boys" have grown up into adulthood with much better futures. Looking forward to my next Colombian teen-aged child - perhaps a girl this time?

may 16, 2020

We have been sponsoring children in the Philippines since about 1998. It is so wonderful to know that your organization continues to thrive and to help families all over the world in bettering the lives of their precious children. Our son served a church mission in the Philippines from 1995-1997 and helped us appreciate the great need there is in this beautiful country.

jun 30, 2020

I love knowing I'm making a difference in a child's life by providing them school supplies, presents for their Birthday, and Christmas. Knowing I'm helping their families, some that don't have the money to by the things they need that Children International provides for them through their sponsors.

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