Una poderosa visita de un padrino al Ecuador

Usted también puede tener una experiencia transformadora. Visite a su niño.

Es fácil


nov 25, 2016

Thanks for posting this, Jimmy. Is there any way to help repair the family's roof?

nov 30, 2016

I have the same sort of question.

dic 12, 2016

Jimmy this is soooo inspirational.....im so much more keener to visit my boys in the phillipines thankyou SOOO much for this video

feb 17, 2017

Thank you Jimmy for sharing your visit with us. It truly shows us how fortunate we are and how many people in this world do not have lives as we do. Thank you so much.

mar 22, 2017

Very inspiring.

jul 1, 2017

really inspiring!

abr 16, 2018

I hope to go sometime myself! My child is now 16, I wonder if I only have until she turns 18. It would be great to hear more details about visiting and best time of year to do so.

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