Team Ana Giscelle

It takes ONE person (like you!) to make a huge difference in Ana Giscelle's life. By sponsoring her, you're creating Team Ana Giscelle and giving her a chance to break the cycle of poverty. Your $32 monthly gift is invested in her future and the lives of children like her in Guatemala. 

6 years old 9/9/2010 waiting 146 days Guatemala
More About Ana Giscelle

How does child sponsorship work?

Sponsorship is a monthly giving program that provides Ana Giscelle access to life-changing benefits, like medical care, educational support, life skills and job-training before they graduate.

As Ana Giscelle's sponsor, you can exchange messages and pictures, as well as share encouragement, support and hope for her future. You may even find that your own life has been impacted, too. Check out what other people say about sponsorship.

Give Ana Giscelle a team of people who care

By sponsoring Ana Giscelle, you're teaming up with our amazing local staff and volunteers in Guatemala: doctors, nurses, teachers and tutors (to name just a few who work at our community centers). What's a community center, you ask? Great question ... find out more here! 

Not sure you're ready to become Ana Giscelle's sponsor? That's OK.

How your support helps kids in Guatemala

A quick look at programs currently available for sponsored kids under age 12 in Guatemala.


Kids in Guatemala enrolled in preschool and primary school receive school supplies. 

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Kids enrolled in our social and financial responsibility classes learn how to express themselves productively, act on their own and solve problems as a team. 

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For now, we’re helping kids under 12 grow up healthy, educated, empowered and prepared to take advantage of our employment programs when they become teens.

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