1 billion children are trapped in poverty.

You can help one of them break free today.

Creating a way out

Kids in poverty are trapped in neighborhoods with few resources and little opportunity. Through Children International, your $32 monthly support provides:

  • Medical and dental care – to keep them healthy
  • Educational support – to help them succeed in school
  • Life skills – to build social & civic confidence as they grow
  • Job training – to help them become independent.

Make a difference that will ripple for generations!

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We hold ourselves accountable … to you.

In addition to our own internal audits, our finances are reviewed by independent,
third-party assessors every year in all 10 countries where we work.

Help break the cycle of poverty for one child

Breaking free begins with 100% tax‑deductible giving.

Start sponsoring a child now and your $32 monthly gift will help her end the cycle of poverty.

You can search by country, gender, birthday, how long she’s been waiting for a sponsor and more!

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  • What you get when you give

    When you sponsor, you’ll receive letters, photos and regular updates from your child. You’ll also see the impact you’re making in her life.

  • What your child gets

    Your child receives critical resources to help them break the cycle of poverty, plus the support of a caring mentor — someone who believes in them enough to help.

“Such a small amount can make a big difference.”

– Lina Dickinson, Children International sponsor

The gift that paves the way forward

Questions? We have answers.

Our entire approach is based on effective, results-driven data. We think the more you look, the more you’ll love what we can do together!