Children and youth from downtrodden communities face an uphill battle. Growing up in dangerous, dirty neighborhoods often lacking basic services or safe places for kids to be kids, children are at risk of succumbing to illness, joining gangs or falling into drug and alcohol abuse.

Often, the best way to impact a poor child's life is to improve their entire community. Generous donations enable life-changing projects to take root, impacting hundreds…even thousands of lives in a positive and lasting way.

How We Help

Children International

Community Centers (Brick by Brick)

Community centers are the home base of sponsorship. Clean, efficient buildings in the center of the communities they serve, they offer the benefits of sponsorship and a safe haven for children and youth to play and learn in a positive environment filled with skilled, capable staff and friendly, helpful volunteers.

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Helping poor children

Clean-water sources

The lack of clean water is one of the biggest factors in illness and death in poor communities. Providing the means for a community to have clean, safe water will improve hundreds – even thousands – of lives in immeasurable ways. Children International is improving access to clean water and developing toilet and sanitation options for communities.

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Helping poor children

Medical and dental clinics

Providing a place for poor families to turn when they’re sick or suffering from medical or dental problems is one of the most impactful and important things that sponsorship can do.

Children International

Places to play and learn

Many children growing up in underdeveloped countries don’t have safe, clean places to play or quiet places to learn. Building playgrounds or sports fields gives children constructive places to just be kids, while libraries and computer centers offer them an appropriate place in which to study.



Children International operates a network of over 80 community centers located in the 11 countries we serve. Our field agencies in these countries provide life-sustaining benefits and services to over 340,000 sponsored children and youth.