Earning and maintaining our donors’ confidence is immensely important to Children International. That’s why we’ve established stringent accounting and financial reporting procedures to ensure the gifts we receive have the maximum impact on sponsored children, their families and communities.

Donations for children

The Path: From You to Your Child

  1. Contributions are directly deposited into the bank where state and federal bank examinations ensure its safety.

  2. Sponsorship funds are transferred to each field agency.

  3. Our field staff ensure sponsored children receive guaranteed benefits and services.

  4. When you send special gifts to your child, a Sponsor Services representative makes sure your gift reaches your child.

Donations for children

Checks and Balances

To ensure contributions are used efficiently, we’ve developed a thorough system of checks and balances to guarantee funds are spent in strict accordance with a pre-approved budget:

  • Independent local CPA firms perform an annual audit of each agency.

  • Once each year, internal auditors perform on-site financial audits of each field agency.

  • Representatives from CI headquarters visit field agencies frequently to perform detailed reviews of facilities and operations. They also visit sponsored children and conduct interviews to ensure they’re receiving the benefits and services promised to our sponsors.

By the Numbers

In 2014, 82% of Children International’s total expenses went to support the programs and activities that directly affect sponsored children.